Terms & Conditions


1. These terms and conditions shall regulate the relations between VEGA DM Ltd. (owner of online store www.vegadm.eu) on the one hand and the customers of the online store www.vegadm.eu (site), on the other hand.These conditions are obligatory for all users. By selecting any object button or link on that page -  www.vegadm.eu (Except for the link to the Terms and Conditions) user agrees and accepts to keep these general conditions.

2. During registration, by marking "I accept the general terms", the customer performs an electronic agreement that is familiar and accepts the terms and conditions.

3.Orders through the website www.vegadm.eu are accepted 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. To buy a product from www.vegadm.eu you should

4.1. Fill in electronic registration form

4.2. Accept the Terms and Conditions

4.3. Specify your address and phone number

4.4. Give an accurate and correct location for delivery

5. VEGA DM Ltd may request additional confirmation, including phone, fax, e-mail. If the confirmation above is denied, this leads to the refusal of the order.

6. VEGA DM Ltd reserves the right to refuse to confirm any order which is out of stock, notifying the customer for the refusal and the reason for it.

7. After performing the contract you will receive an additional confirmation to your email address. If VEGA DM is unable to fulfill the customer order, you will receive an additional e-mail or phone call.

8. Available forms of payment order, placed in the "object" are wire tranfer, credit / debit card or PayPal.

9. Conditions, described in the invoice given to the customer with these general terms make full regulation of contract relations between both parties unless the client has signed a separate contract for sale with VEGA DM.

10. VEGA DM Ltd reserves the right to correct errors and / or update the content of the website at any time without notice, which includes changes in products and prices. These changes will not affect the already made and confirmed orders that will be implemented under the conditions that were current at the time of confirmation of the order.

11. The customer, ordered goods from online store vegadm.eu. and received them in the store, by courier or by other mode of transport has the right to return the purchased goods once they are delivered if they satisfy some of the following conditions:

-If in transporting goods or their package are damaged;

- if delivery date is not on the previously fixed deadline; 

- if delivered goods clearly does not comply with goods ordered by the customer;

- if the price does not match the one initially offered;

- In terms of Art. 69, para. 3 in ZZPPT;

- Reclamations on the points above are made only at the time of delivery.

Apart from the foregoing cases, the customer has no right to refuse to accept and pay for ordered products. Otherwise he is obliged to cover the costs of delivery and return the goods to the supplier.

12. After recieving  and paying the ordered goods, the customer has the right to claim the product or ask for refunding the payment only in the following cases: 

12. 1. If during its operation damage has occured, provided as guarantee;

12. 2. In the cases provided  in Art. 69, para. 3 ZZPPT.

If the customer receives a defective product, within 24 hours he can return the goods and packaging in the same form as he received them.  We commit that they will be replaced with a new one or we will bring you back paid value of the goods, according to Art. 55 of the CPA. In this case transport and other costs of receiving and returning the goods are at the expense of the seller.

13. Returns are accepted as follows:

Under p. 13. 1 - During the period provided in the warranty card, accompanying the product after completing a detailed claim form.

13.2 within 7 days of receiving  goods, the customer should  give written reasons for returning them back  and sign a declaration, certifying that the product is in the form in which it is received, without having been used and is with undamaged original packaging.

The transport costs under p. 13 are paid by the seller.

14. The information obtained by VEGA DM from users and customers of the website will be used only for specified purposes and in accordance with applicable law. VEGA DM will not provide information to third parts without the expressed  by the visitor consent. We do not give, sell or otherwise distribute your personal data to third parts for any reason, unless it is imposed by law or court order.

15. VEGA DM reserves the right to modify, add or remove parts of the content of the Terms and Conditions at all times. Your responsibility is to check conditions at any time before using the Website. The fact that you continue to use the website after published changes assume that you agree with the changed Terms and Conditions.

16. VEGA DM will not be liable if accidentally missing actuality of the information on the Site; VEGA DM is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in some way to access or use the Site; is not responsible for the integrity of the information on the site from computer viruses or other threats. Information provided on the website is in accordance with applicable law, its use by users is voluntary and on their own initiative.

16.1. VEGA DM bears no responsibility if you do any damage during use of the website.

16.2. VEGA DM is not responsible for products that are available.

16.3. VEGA DM is not responsible for false information about the product from a supplier

16.4. VEGA DM is not responsible for delay or default on its obligations for reasons beyond the company's control.

17.The sale of the product is governed by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.